All the Love, Jo + Brody Styles

Meet Jo.

Professional Dog mom reporting for duty. The name is Joanna but call her Jo (with no e). Texas girl born and raised. A twenty something year old trying to find her way in life decided it was time for a change. After dedicating time to jobs who had no appreciation for her, Jo decided to invest in herself. With a background in Marketing and Art History, she decided to take on an adventure of her own. Inspired by Brody and her chic and casual style, Styles Collective was born. On her spare time, you can find Jo drinking coffee, watching movies, and hanging out with her dogs.

Meet Brody Styles.

Named after the ICONIC Harry Styles, Brody Styles would soon be turning heads left and right. Similar to H, Brody is known for his unique style. Often nicknamed, "The King of Bananas" Brody and his human Jo would soon launch a brand for all the trendsetters. When Brody isn't working at Styles Collective, you can find him playing fetch with his favorite spikey balls, cuddling mom, or stuffing his face with food.